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Course Registry Metadathon, a workshop held during the DARIAH annual meeting, 2018 in Paris.

Tutorials for using the DH Course Registry. Watch the playlist on Youtube.

API, Data Download and Embedding

JSON & XML Views

We have a rudimentary API available, which either serves a full list of the course database or a single course. The data is available as JSON or XML. To render the data in the format of interest, one just needs to add .json or .xml to the end of the URL string. Use /courses/index for a full list of courses or /courses/view/[id] to view a single course.
Single course format: /courses/courses/view/[id].[format]

The courses listed in the index views contain only recent, actively maintained data. Currently, there is no API available to list historical courses, which still exist in the database but have been removed from display after their expiration.

Iframe Embedding

The course registry can be embedded into any other website by using an iframe. The additional route parameter "iframe" in the URL string will cause the layout to render without the upper logo bar and tabbing menu. Thus, it will integrate seamlessly into foreign institution pages.

The basic URL for iframe embedding is:

Using the code snippet provided through the generator form, the iframe will expand to 100% of the parent container. The height is adjusted by some javascript from the page loaded within the iframe, thus you have to keep the provided id.

URL Filter Parameters

You can also pass filter parameters using the URL, which is handy to filter for a specific country or discipline in the iframe-embedded application or to provide a link with preset filter settings. By adding [key:value] pairs to the end of the URL string, the results will be filtered for a particular numeric ID-value of an attribute field. Parameters can only be passed to the index method:

The available filter parameters are:

  • country_id
  • city_id
  • institution_id
  • course_type_id (Education)
  • tadirah_object_id
  • tadirah_technique_id
  • discipline_id

You can lookup the id of any attribute of interest using the URL generator below.

Data API, Filter URL & Embedding Code Generator