Lecturers & Programme Directors

Lecturers or progamm administrators, who want to promote their own DH-related teaching activities or aim to attract and facilitate staff mobility and exchange need to sign in with an account.

After registration, new courses can be added to the registry. In order to show only useful, up to date content, we require all contributors to actively maintain their data. Maintenance is the responsibility of the user who originally added the record. The system will regularly send out email reminders to them, whenever an entry is about to expire. Course data not revised for a year will be flagged yellow in the course listing. After one a half year, the course will be marked red and will disappear from the public listing shortly after. The system also performs regular link checking on URLs provided within the course meta data. Maintainers will retrieve an email request to correct dead URLs in that case.

Though we support a single sign-on process that is connected to most major institutions, we still require new users to register first and provide specific metadata, that we can not retrieve otherwise.
We are working on solutions to make this process more convenient.

The DH Course Registry is a joint effort of two European research infrastructures (ERICs), CLARIN ERIC and DARIAH-EU. In the future, it will be further developed and maintained as a collaboration of the two ERICs. The Course Registry started as a selection of DH courses offered by European academic organizations. An extension of the registry content beyond Europe is currently underway. Students, lecturers and researchers can search the database based on disciplines, topographical information (location), ECTS credits or the academic degrees awarded. In addition, courses can be searched for using TaDiRAH, a Taxonomy of Digital Research Activities in the Humanities (including labels for techniques and objects) and sub-disciplines from the Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Introductory Video Lectures

The following videos give a short introduction to the Digital Humanities Course Registry.

The first one provides an overview of the intention of the registry and the institutions involved, while the second shows the registration process for lecturers and other data contributors, such as programme directors at institutes and faculty departments. After that, a short introduction is given about how to add course data to the registry.

The registration process involves confirmation of your email address. Before you can use your account, a moderator has to approve your account. Our contact page lists all moderators we have in our system. Please use the contact form, to have the system select the right moderator or administrator automatically for you. In case of problems, you may contact a user administrator directly.